Facebook Messenger BOT GUI Builder

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Your business is growing and growing each day, you are getting too many requests from customers and can’t respond to all of the messages?
Thanks to Messenger Platform and this powerfull facebook messenger bot GUI builder tool – now you will be able to build auto responses with no coding skills required.
Key Features
Numerous buildable response types
Carousel, image, text, buttons, audio, video, file, quick replies
Uer variables
Assign custom user variables and use them in responses
Create marketing messages and send it to all / selected recipients
GUI builder
Build responses with integrated GUI builder – no coding skills required
Handle as many projects as you need.
One Facebook Application
One app for all projects – one facebook application is used for all projects.
Execute actions after message received.
Integrate your RSS feed and send it directly to recipient.
Rely on project or recipient timezone.
Communication Log
View log off incoming messages and responses
Application built on Laravel 5.2 framework
Demo Link:-
Download Link:-

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