WRanalytics – Realtime, Multiuser Website Analytics Platform

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WRanalytics is a analytic platform that allows you to collect data on websites, as a service. The system allows you to rebrand it and resell it to your users at any prices you want. With WRanalytics, you could be running the next Google Analytics, GoSquared or GetClicky in a very short time period.
WRanalytics is also perfect for using for all of your clients. The system allows you to turn off upgrades and registration, allowing you to manage and create your clients, there sites. and give them access one by one to there own data. This is something we do with our clients, and they love the exclusivity of having an amazing system available for them!
Main Features
– Full analytic package with the metrics you need
– Full user system
– Real time visitor views
– Payment system built in – braintree payments
– Create packages that can be one-off payments or subscription based
– Multiple themes
– Can turn off registration and upgrades – perfect for use by just your clients!
– Really powerful admin panel
Demo Link:-
Download Link:-

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